DID YOU GET MY POSTCARD? : immediacy intimacy & the time/space compendium of remediated semi-public correspondence is the remediation of a collection of postcards received by or sent to Dave, the project’s protagonist.

It began as a research-creation final project for Matt Soar’s Media Research Lab, within the Media Studies MA Graduate Program in Concordia University’s Department of Communication Studies. The project, along with the  eleven others produced in the class, was launched at a collective vernissage on Dec. 7, 2011.

The written component of the project with references can be read here. It will be adapted, edited, revised in line with the project’s own evolution, even after its Dec 9, 2011 submission deadline.

The postcard remediations are displayed chronologically in bulk based on the date they were initially mailed. They are subdivided into collections listed in the right-hand column links. Two collections are from extended trips that Dave took in Europe 1985-86 and in East Asia 1990-91. Another set is of postcards from around the globe that have been sent to Dave or that Dave has sent himself since his collection began. Two special categories: Sunset Postcards and Postcard Politics were added to the project as bonus mini sections that include postcards that were not necessarily received nor send by Dave. The newest collection are postcards from Montréal: new digital postcards produced to introduce a creative component to archival nature of the project, hence giving it life.

The Did you get my postcard? project will continue on an ongoing basis until the bulk of Dave’s postcard collection is added. Dave will also continue to create new audio postcards and ‘post’ them here.


Air Mail / Par Avion


contact: chesterrhoder [@] gmail.com

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