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East Asia Trip 1990-91


The journey started with a flight from Montréal to Paris that brought Dave back to Europe since his 51-week hitch-hiking trip in 1985-86. With his bicycle still packed in a box, Dave boarded the first train on his journey at Gare de l’Est that brought him to Berlin. He remembers strolling under the Brandenburg Gate, past the remnants of the Berlin Wall (taken down 9 months earlier) that clamored with the sound of hammers still chiseling away at its former impenetrability.

Another train to Moscow gave Dave a glimpse at the Soviet Union’s tenuous and weakening hold on its socialist republic. From here the journey really began with a 7-day clatter along the Trans-Siberian Railway to Harbin, PR China that transported Dave to the Far East for life-changing dis(orient)ation. In Harbin, he untethered his bicycle, loaded his saddle bags and rode to Beijing on his southward ”Global Ascent” odyssey toward Irian jaya, Indonesia (see image below).

These is a selection of postcards that were sent and received during an 18-month cycling expedition through eastern Asia. Some of these postcards Dave sent to others. Some of the postcards Dave sent to himself. While a third type of postcard, Dave received from others that were sent to poste restante (general delivery) locations along his trip.

Countries visited during this 18-month cycling expedition include France, Germany, Poland, the former Soviet Union, China (PRC), Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan (ROC), Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.